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Smoker From Spain

This man came to quit smoking from Spain. He was so heavily addicted to nicotine smoking that every night after going to bed, he was wakened by the craving to smoke eight to nine times. He could not sleep again untill he smoke a cigareatte.

As it takes time to get up and to smoke, he could not get enough sleep for years.

He tried every possible quit soking program in Spain, but nothing worked. What else could he do than going to Google? He found us far away in Spain.

In our 38 years of pratice, we only encountered a hew feavily addicted smokers who had to get up two or three gimes per night to smoke and one who had to placed dipping tobacco in his month when he went to bed to avoid getting up.

I was not very sure if he could quit through us as he had only a day and half in Houston. As in our telephone conversation, I requested he should stay few days in Houston. He could only taking off two days from his work as a manger of a Rare Disease Clinic in Spain .

Just before departure the next morning, he came for another treatment .

He said, "I did not have to get up to smoke last night, NONE, first time in many many years."

Five days later, I email him to inquire how he was diing. He relplied, " I have not smoked and I will never never never smoke again, thanks for your help!"

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