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The Story Of Our USA Map

Some thirty years ago, we put a USA map which we found in our clinic. Not knowing what to do with it until one day, we were led by instinct to put it on the empty side of a wall. Not too long thereafter, we saw a few pins being placed on by patients who came to our clinic from out of states. This initiative ignited something totally unintended for us when we first put that map on the wall.

The map could become a landmark of our service achievement which all business long for, a mark of exceptional accomplishment.

When we first discovered this, there were already pins on about a dozen states. What a nice and effortless way to tally out of state patients it is, and it was initiated by our out of state patients and to whom we are very grateful but with no way to thank the first one who did it.

Shortly thereafter, nearby Houston areas on the map were covered like wildfire, but it took some 20 years to have pins to appear on every state in the USA, and with long wait for Long Island, the last one for us to complete the entire USA. We need to attest that the great majority of those who have come from out of states were those coming for our quit smoking service and all come through word of mouth.

Only this suffices to convince others to make the trips to Houston as comparable service is not available where they live nor close by. This word of mouth testimonials have become a strong drawing force for us to attract patients from afar and it still does though less so than before. With all being said herein, THOSE WHO KNOW HAVE MADE US NATIONAL, and EVEN INTERNATIONAL as we also have tobacco users from 40 countries in 4 continents.

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