One appointment leading to seeing 260 patients is something most doctors dream to have but not easy to acquire. That is exactly what we got one day twenty some years ago. It so happened that nurse in charge of a chemical plant in Texas and near Louisiana got a phone call from home corporate office in Ohio to look for quit smoking method or service to help the Texas plant's smokers to quit smoking. A few days later, the nurse called back to use acupuncture, but got a "No" order from the home office, and keep on searching to identify a most effective method their own plant smokers have used successfully. A few weeks later, the nurse called back and reported that she had found out 5 of their s


35 years ago, my sister, Ivy who lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania came to visit us. As her first trip to Houston, she also brought her father in-law to see Houston. The father in-law was known by most of his acquaintance as a very stubborn man and a smoker. Right after their coming to our house, so many went all out to beg him quit smoking. But all kinds words and concern could not enter his mind at all. On the third day after their arrival, he had back pain for which he requested acupuncture treatment. There were some who suggested to give him quit smoking treatment without his knowing but I was against that idea as there is no use to quit if he did not want to. Almost every day upo

The Story Of Our USA Map

​ Some thirty years ago, we put a USA map which we found in our clinic. Not knowing what to do with it until one day, we were led by instinct to put it on the empty side of a wall. Not too long thereafter, we saw a few pins being placed on by patients who came to our clinic from out of states. This initiative ignited something totally unintended for us when we first put that map on the wall. The map could become a landmark of our service achievement which all business long for, a mark of exceptional accomplishment. When we first discovered this, there were already pins on about a dozen states. What a nice and effortless way to tally out of state patients it is, and it was initiated

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