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35 years ago, my sister, Ivy who lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania came to visit us. As her first trip to Houston, she also brought her father in-law to see Houston. The father in-law was known by most of his acquaintance as a very stubborn man and a smoker.

Right after their coming to our house, so many went all out to beg him quit smoking. But all kinds words and concern could not enter his mind at all. On the third day after their arrival, he had back pain for which he requested acupuncture treatment. There were some who suggested to give him quit smoking treatment without his knowing but I was against that idea as there is no use to quit if he did not want to.

Almost every day upon his arrival in my house, the pressure on him to quit smoking mount everyday, until finally, out of no where he agreed to have the treatment which could very well be a consequence of group pressure compounded by his intention to disprove the treatment effectiveness as he said. "people are in fear of getting sick so they do not dare to smoke again."

So he was given quit smoking treatment at my house. Little did we know that his treatment was quickly followed by his attempt to disprove the usefulness of the quit smoking treatment. He tried to smoke a cigarette in the restroom and found the cigarette tasted so awful. He could only finish half cigarette when he encountered terrible dizzy spell and had to lie down on bed. He stunned all of us in the house when he requested cushions from the den to be placed beside his bed. "Your house is spinning, I am afraid I may fall off the bed." Right after his request for the cushion, it was immediately followed by his asking for a bucket. He started vomiting from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Indeed it has been the "scare technique" as he believed that works to help smokers quit smoking that worked for him. It did scared him to pick up another cigarette.

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