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Not All Acupuncture Treatments To Quit Tobacco Are The Same.

Quit Smoking Treatment
This soldier I (T.H.L.) treated in China to quit smoking, vomited as he smoked within two minutes of my treatment. 

Can Acupuncture Be Used To Treat Quit Smoking?

This question can be answered, yes and no.  Yes, we can prove that it works.  Right after a smoker is treated, in our clinic in Houston, by our way to quit smoking, the physical need for nicotine  is not only eliminated, smoking a cigarette immediately will result in vomiting like this soldier didThis is a good way to prove that the acupuncture way to quit smoking does work for those who know how to do it, and we do.       

Not all acupuncture treatments for smoking cessation are the same and neither the results thereof.  That is why some get excellent results while others may not get any result at all.  The Patel testimonial that can be found in our testimonial section is just one of the many examples which also proves that acupuncture does little or nothing in smoking cessation, if the performer doesn't know how to do it.   


Our  Tender Love & Care Quit  & Stop Tobacco Addiction Servvices   



Our tender love, care and effective method to quit smoking is designed with multiple treatment functions but the procedure is simple, yet easy to go through and effective.  Most important of all, it is  capable of rendering high success rate.  OUR WAY is not time consuming nor  a cumbersome procedure.   Not only do you find it  easy to quit , also time and money saving.   Our treatment gives you what you need the most in quitting, which is  killing your nicotine urge almost instantly.  You have 80% chance to quit without  withdrawal at all.  If you are the 20% who will encounter some withdraw, it will be less and will not last as long.   The next best of our treatment is the weight gain prevention and detoxification You have about 80% chance not to gain weight. 70 to 80% of our patients can feel metallic taste in the mouth while under treatment.  It is toxin being discharged in the mouth, leaving the mouth with a terrible bad taste and the impulse to brush teeth right away.  Thus, once in a while, we also have people coming with tooth brushes.  We feel pretty sure that it is difficult for you to find comparable treatments elsewhere because of which, those who know us even come from all over the USA, and almost 40 foreign countries.     


Our treatment covers:

      (a)  Quit smoking treatment.

      (b) Weight gain prevention treatment.

      (c)  Withdraw prevent treatment.

      (d)  Detox treatment.

While most can quit with one treatment, some  may need follow-up treatment.  All the follow-up treatments if needed will be free for 30 days.

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