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stop smoking clinics

           This map  shows smokers  from all over USA and  foreign countries

  *World-Class Quit Smoking cigarette/E-cigarette, Dipping and Drinking*


.How to quit smoking.


.Why quit through us.


.Why our way is better.



   36 years of experiences: Many have successfully quit smoking, stop  smoking cigarette, quit chewing or dipping tobacco, liquor drinking addiction.

High success rate of quitting is the only major reason that draws  smokers, tobacco chewers, drinkers to come from all over the USA, and 40 foreign countries.  Our way to quit is not only  easy, quick and inexpensive by comparison, our service is unique as most quit through us quit forever, once for all, and never smoke  again.  

  If you have tried many methods to quit to no avail, you need to try our way to quit.  Mr. Patel in L.A., California who tried to quit from two acupuncturists with no result, was able to quit through us in just one treatment  


 We started our addiction treatment services in 1982. Our  exceptional high success rates provided us the chance to attract heavily addicted smokers coming from out of state since the mid 1980 as there was no similar services they could find in their own states.    With the Rhode Island patients coming in 1990, we achieved having patients coming from every state in the USA.  


Early this year (2015) when I was invited to

appear on a TV stations to talk about quit

smoking,  I was asked to conduct a brief

study on the risk and dangers of using

tobacco products and the success rate of quitting thereof.  I  found out that the dangers for using tobacco products is a whole lot worse than I thought, as there are of thousands of death yearly from the use of tobacco in the USA, and world wide, several millions according to the CDC report.  And methods available to stop this unhealthy, costly and dangerous habit even though rendering only low success rate, are expensive, cumbersome and very time consuming.  




      What make our services well known is not only the very high percent rate of quitting, but,  quitting forever rate: an achievement very difficult to find elsewhere so far as we know.     A few who have quit smoking through us for a decade or two have helped to produce a few video testimonials at our clinic.  Some of the videos on top of this web page are some of the best representation of what have been accomplished in the business of quitting smoking.  


         It is the high rate of quitting forever that attracts so many heavily addicted   smokers to make long trips to Houston, and for some, even flied in from foreign countries to get our treatments.  If you do not want to have to go through difficult, and long  frustrating experiences  to quit, or to go through some kind of quitting programs which only help you to quit for a few months or a few years,  we can help you do it once for all.   As thousands of smokers and tobacco users have QUIT through us successfully,    SO   CAN   YOU. 



Why You Need Our  Services
Appeared on Chinese TV Talk Show
TV talk Show

High Success Rate

best quit smoking program

Our quit smoking/dipping treatment appears to be simple but it is actually an intricate design with interrelated complexity leading to the capability to render multiple functions.  Thus, the seemingly simple treatment, is  precise, effective, not only killing the nicotine urge instantly, while at the same time, also prevent withdrawal for most being treated.  This being the reason why we have been able to build  convincing attraction to draw tobacco users from all over the world(40 countries already)

So, Our non-traditional, illusive, and unique treatment can quickly eliminate craving for nicotine leaving behind little or no withdrawal.   Smoking right after a successful treatment will result in nausea and vomiting: when physical need for nicotine is eliminated, your body cannot tolerate nicotine at that time, So you  go through hell if you smoke right after our treatments.                              .   

 Not only have we helped thousands  of tobacco users to quit, we have been lucky to have retained a very high success rate.  Some of our  smaller  groups have been 100% smoke free  for twenty thirty years as testified.


Chewing tobacco is probably the most difficult to defeat.  If you have tried everything under the sun to quit the addiction to no avail, OUR WAY may be the RIGHT ONE for you. 

During the past few years, we have helped hundreds of motel owners to quit chewing tobacco.  Manikchand(re-named RMD a few years ago) has been the most popular Indian chewing tobacco we are aware of, so hard to quit that some  provinces in India have banned its sale.  We have helped many to quit Gitla, Mirage, BaBa120, Tulsi Royal, and Al Capone Sweets Cognac and even RMD.  Our first patient with the name Patel had failed twice to quit smoking through two acupuncture clinics in L.A.  He quit with us with just one treatment .  Since then, his referrals have led to numerous other Patels who own hotels to fly to Houston from all over the USA to kick their habit and be tobacco free.  So even the chewing tobacco so hard to quit can be done away as easy with our method as those smokers. It is prudent for all tobacco users to quit and turn their lives around, not to become possible tobacco VICTIMS but VICTORS.  But ONLY YOU and YOU ALONE can make the decision.  Let us help you.  

*World-Class Quit Smoking, Dipping and Drinking  Services*
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               Feature on Fox TV News - Quit Smoking

stop smoking clinics

Quit Smoking Story

                  TV Interview -  Quit Smoking
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